Customised solutions

We are producing many different kinds of pre-assembled cables with various technologies inhouse. For example swaged connections, die-cast terminals, cut-to-lenght strands and cables or laser welding technology just to mention a few.

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Ready-to-install solutions

We can assemble your surgical gigly saw acc. to your specification.

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We produce baskets, snares and components for the flexible endoscopy.

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We offer coated guide wires with fully closed ends. The picture shows a semi-spherical shaped end which is formed out of the coating material.

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We insert laserwelding technology as standard in our production.


  • Pin-point precision
  • Small heat-affected zone
  • Minimum thermal warping
  • Variable depth and width of welding seams
  • Various joints due to alternative spot, seam or circumferential welding

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Different lay lenghts can be manufactured on request.

Various other materials on request – e.g. copper, gold, silver, monel®, inconel®, hastelloy®, titanium®, incoloy®.

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Cable coatings or functional coatings can also be supplied on request.

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