Coated wire ropes from Carl Stahl TECHNOCABLES

Your advantages

  • High capacity of bending cycles
  • Adaptable to your work environment through colour schemes and visual design
  • Low adherence of dust and dirt due to the smooth surface
  • The coating protects the cable against the penetration of particles

Coated steel ropes have a much longer service life than uncoated ropes

Vorteil Lebensdauer ummantelte Seile

Coated ropes over pulleys

For example, in the case of cable systems that run over pulleys, we recommend using coated cables in order to achieve a high bending cycle and a long service life. With higher bending cycles a longer service life could be achieved.

Carl Stahl Technocables uses polyamide as the standard coating material. Polyamide is an optimum cable coating, distinguished by its high wear resistance and high bending cycle capability. A further advantage of the coated cables:  The coating protects the rope from dirt.

We recommend PA12 if the cable runs over a pulley or if flexibility is the main priority. This is our standard coating material.

Furthermore, the coating keeps the manufacturing lubricant within the rope. This film of oil functions as a lubricant between the individual wires and strands, thereby reducing wear on the cable.


Ropes covered with special material

Are high temperatures or good sliding properties required of your steel wire rope? Then we use special materials for coating of the steel wire rope. For example, we recommend FEP/PTFE for temperatures of between -190°C and + 205° C.

We can also offer PA6. PA6 is stiffer than PA12 and is therefore not suitable for pulleys. However, PA6 has better sliding properties and is therefore highly suitable as a guide cable for example.

Depending on the application, the appropriate coating material is used. Don’t you know which wire rope coating is the right for your rope application? - We're glad to help you finding the right material. Contact us directly

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