Spa at home - supported by products of the Carl Stahl TECHNOCABLES GmbH

The bathroom in the change of time. This is how one could describe the development of the last 10 years. At present time the focus is based on design in the sanitary field. The results are individual bathrooms for demanding people with individual needs.

In the bathtub technology, especially in the drain fitting, you can find for example a bowden cable of Carl Stahl TECHNOCABLES. Whether a modern corner bathtub or a bathtub with whirlpool function – with clever products from Carl Stahl TECHNOCABLES you can relax and enjoy your time. Did you know that in the cistern for the toilet, which is placed mainly in the wall nowadays, a bowden cable of Carl Stahl TECHNOCABLES is hidden?

Carl Stahl TECHNOCABLES invisible aids for visible results. Do you have similar applications? Contact us directly.