Loop sleeves

Carl Stahl offers you a range of loop sleeves and crimping tools for the following rope diameters:

For Rope Ø in mm Length after crimping
± 1 mm
Material old
Item No.
Item No.
old Crimping tool no. new Crimping tool no.
0,45 - 0,60 6,5 brass TM455865 KL000034 CGT00185 DI000126
0,61 - 0,68 6,5 brass TM636865 KL000035 CGT00185 DI000126
0,68 - 1,00 7 galvanized copper TK721070 KL000032 CGT00185 DI000126
0,68 - 1,00 3,5 galvanized copper TK721035 KL000031 CGT00185 DI000126
1,20 - 1,50 10 galvanized copper TK121510 KL000023 CGT00185 DI000126
1,80 - 2,00 10 galvanized copper TK182010 KL000024 CGT00185 DI000126
2,50 12,0 galvanized copper TK250120 KL000025 CGT00188 DI000127
3,00 19,0 galvanized copper TK300190 KL000026 CGT00188 DI000127
4,00 21,0 galvanized copper TK400210 KL000027 CGT00188 DI000127
5,00 34,0 galvanized copper TK500340 KL000028 CGT00188 DI000127

Loop sleeves must only be used with one of our suitable crimping tools Ref. No. CGT00185 (new number DI000126)and/or CGT00188 (new number DI000127). This system is suitable for prototyping and should only be used for temporary applications. If using two sleeves, both of them should be crimped with the same force. We recommend testing of all connections before use.

Loop sleeves

Loop sleeves of brass up to cable Ø 0,68 mm and of galvanized copper up to cable Ø 5,0 mm
Other ferrules made of aluminum or stainless steel available on request.

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