Spiral end connections for bowden cables


End caps and adjustment screws

End sleeves are pressed directly onto the ends of the spiral sleeves and enclose them. They can be assembled individually or in combination with adjusting screws. Adjusting screws are used to fix the Bowden cable and can be adjusted in their position. To secure the set position, the adjustment screws are provided with one or two nuts.

End caps for bowden cables

Galvanized and chrome plated bowden cable end caps are used as end fittings for bowden cables.

End caps for bowdencaples

Adjustment screws

Our adjustment screws with hexagon, made of nickel-plated brass, are used as fastening and adjustment elements for Bowden cables.

Adjustment screws for bowdencables

Hose sockets

Hose sockets made of nickel-plated brass, galvanized steel or stainless steel are available with neck, thread and thread with hexagon. They are pressed directly with the spirals.

Necked hose sockets

Extension hose sockets in galvanized steel, stainless steel and nickel-plated brass are used as end fittings for Bowden cables.

Necked hose sockets


Threaded hose sockets

The threaded hose sockets in the versions nickel-plated brass and galvanized steel are pressed directly onto the spiral sleeves and are used as fastening elements.

Threaded hose sockets bowden cables


Threaded hose sockets with hexagon

Our threaded hose sockets with hexagon are available in nickel-plated brass and galvanized steel. They are used as fastening and adjustment elements and have a hexagon as a counterhold.

Threaded hose sockets


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