steel rope

Definition wire, strand, cable

Strands are made of single high tensile wires. These are placed helically around an insert * (heart wire) in the steel cable factory. This is the basic model for the further rope prodution.

A wire rope is produced by twisting strands. In addition to a strand (-WSC), a fiber interlayer (-FC) can also be used as the insert. In special cases, a rope (-IWRC) can also be used as an insert.

Ropes are designated as follows:
(Number of strands) x (Number of wires per strand)

Example: 6 x 7-WSC is a rope with 6 strands and 7  wires including one center strand.

Carl Stahl Technocables produces various strands and wire ropes, e.g. In our own factory at the site in Süßen. Find out more about the various rope constructions.