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We are a wire rope manufacturer and assembly company with headquarters in Süßen, Germany. With over 30 years of experience, we manufacture ropes and strands of the highest quality.
Our steel ropes have a wide variety of applications in countless industries around the world. This results in a wide variety of requirements for the wire ropes. For this reason, every special customer requirement in terms of structure and material is carefully checked by our specialists.

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Rope manufacturer in Süssen, Germany

More than 30 years of experience in rope production speak for themselves. With the high technical competence of our long-term employees, we achieve the excellent quality of our rope technology products. These are made in our own rope factory in Süßen, among other things.

Through constant investments in the most modern production techniques, future-oriented technology is combined with the traditional knowledge of the long-term employees. The ropemaker's machines are in-house developments and self-made. With modern measuring and testing machines, the wire rope factory ensures consistently high quality in rope production. The high degree of automation within rope production promotes effectiveness and efficiency in the rope factory every day.

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Rope manufacturer with individualized rope production

We develop and manufacture ropes for a wide variety of technical requirements and very individual specifications. In contact with our customers, we find out which rope is exactly the right one. For these special cable system solutions, our specialists select the right material depending on the areas of application and cost-effectiveness. Depending on the structure and lay direction of the strands and ropes, they create the technical documents based on this and define further work processes in order to be able to create the optimal products. Our standard material stainless steel 1.4401 is predominantly used for a wide variety of constructions.

We manufacture fine ropes in the range from 0.09 to 8.0 mm. The thinnest wire processed in the rope mill for use in microtechnology has a diameter of 0.015 mm. This corresponds to 1/4 the diameter of a human hair. These wire ropes are used, for example, in medical devices.

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Our wire ropes are individually processed and assembled

e-rope conducting wire rope
e-rope conducting wire rope
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