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Bowden cable from Carl Stahl Technocables

Our bowden cables consist of pressure-resistant spiral sheaths inside which one of our assembled steel wire ropes runs. In addition, a flexible inner tube made of POM can be inserted between the spiral sheath and the steel wire rope to increase efficiency.

We are your reliable bowden cable supplier and manufacture. We produce your individual bowden cable or push-pull bowden cable according to your requirements. As a manufacturer, we can ensure a multitude of functions by choosing the right components. We also create your micro bowden cable. Our customized Bowden cables, including micro bowden cables, are used in various industries. We develop customer-specific solutions for mechanical engineering, the automotive industry or garden tool technology.

What is a bowden cable? - The structure

A bowden cable consists of several parts. The bowden cable assembly starts with a sleeve and a bowden cable core. For this a wire rope, which is made of high quality steel wire, is used. The bowden cable sleeves made of steel or stainless steel, as well as the other components can be put together individually. The numerous standard components allow a wide range of variation possibilities. Put together your individual bowden cable.

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Bowden cable left
Bowden cable right

Bowden cable made to measure - The components

Our customer-specific and tailor-made product development enables us to put together all variations, both with our standard components and with special components, into a bowden cable that is tailored to your needs. As a german bowden cable manufacturer, we produce your bowden cables made to measure.

Spiral sheaths
Spiral sheaths

Spiral sheaths give the bowden cable the necessary stability and reduce friction and wear.

  • flat wire spirals
  • push pull spirals
  • round wire spirals
Spiral end connections
Spiral end connections

If spiral end connections are used, ready-to-install bowden cables can be fixed and fastened in every application.

  • end caps
  • adjusting screw
  • hose sockets
Bulk wire rope
Bulk wire rope

In a bowden cable, the wire rope is jointly responsible for friction and is also used for power transmission.

  • strands
  • wire ropes
  • special terminals
End terminals
End terminals

Cable end connections are the interface between the cable and your application. Due to the multitude of possible combinations, we can create the right bowden cable for you.

  • pressed rope ends
  • injected rope ends
  • special terminals

With a fully automatic cable assembly, we are able to process standard crimp contacts.
The assembly of individual conductors creates cable harnesses through which signals and working currents can be transmitted.
In addition to cable assembly, we also offer ready-to-install cable harnesses for the manufacture of ready-to-install electric bowden cables.

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Possible applications for bowden cables

The following examples give you an insight into the extensive variation options. We are able to manufacture customized bowden cable for your application.

Konkavex system Bowden cables

Konkavex sytem Bowden cables offer an absolutely pressure resistant casing. This results in a much higher efficiency compared to a conventional bowden cable. The basic elements are threaded together on a fluoropolymer liner. This liner serves as an inner coating for the cable as well as a support for the basic elements. With their unique design the aligned basic elements form a bowden cable which is extremely flexible and highly pressure resistant at the same time. This system is suitable for cable Ø 1,2- 1,5 mm.

Konkavex system Bowden cables

Konkavex system Bowden cables
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