Galvanized steel wire strand, stainless steel strand

All strands are manufactured with high tensile wires. The wires are twisted helically to form the strand. The standard wires for wire strands and ropes are made of galvanized steel or stainless steel. Steel wire strands are at Carl Stahl Technocables in stock in various thicknesses 0.09 mm - 5.00 mm. For many applications galvanized strands offer sufficient corrosion resistance. For applications in corrosive environments we recommend AISI 316 (1.4401) ropes and strands. As a strand manufacturer and strand supplier, we can also supply other versions if required.

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Details wire strand 1 x 7

Material: Stainless steel
Construction: 1 x 7
Diameter ø: from 0,09 to 0,75 mm

Wire strand 1x7
Nom. Dia in mmMin. break. Load in NWeight in kg/1000 mold Item Item No.
0,0970,040CG 007009LI000001
0,12130,073CG 007012LI000002
0,15200,113CG 007015LI000003
0,18300,163CG 007018LI000004
0,21410,210CG 007021LI000005
0,24530,280CG 007024LI000006
0,27700,360CG 007027LI000007
0,30850,440CG 007030LI000008
0,331000,540CG 007033LI000009
0,361200,640CG 007036LI000010
0,391400,750CG 007039LI000011
0,452001,000CG 007045LI000012
0,512801,250CG 007051LI000013
0,573501,600CG 007057LI000014
0,604001,800CG 007060LI000015
0,695202,400CG 007069LI000016
0,756002,800CG 007075LI000017

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Details wire strand 1 x 12

Material: Stainless steel
Construction: 1 x 12
Diameter ø: from 0,20 to 0,80 mm

wire strand 1 x 12
Nom. Dia in mmMin. break. Load in NWeight in kg/1000 mold Item Item No.
0,20430,180CG 012020LI000018¹
0,24620,260CG 012024LI000019¹
0,28840,350CG 012028LI000020¹
0,321110,460CG 012032LI000021¹
0,361400,580CG 012036LI000022¹
0,401730,720CG 012040LI000023¹
0,442090,870CG 012044LI000024¹
0,482481,030CG 012048LI000025¹
0,522911,210CG 012052LI000026¹
0,563381,400CG 012056LI000027¹
0,603871,600CG 012060LI000028¹
0,684992,100CG 012068LI000029¹
0,806912,900CG 012080LI000030¹

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Details wire strand 1 x 19

Material: Stainless steel or galvanized steel
Construction: 1 x 19
Diameter ø: from 0,15 to 5,00 mm

wire strand 1 x 19
Nom. Dia in mmMin. break. Load in NWeight in kg/1000 mold Item Item No.
0,15250,110CG 019015LI000031
0,20440,200CG 019020LI000032
0,25690,300CG 019025LI000033
0,30980,440CG 019030LI000034
0,351350,600CG 019035LI000035
0,401770,780CG 019040LI000036
0,452240,970CG 019045LI000037
0,502751,200CG 019050LI000038
0,553301,450CG 019055LI000039
0,603921,750CG 019060LI000040
0,654612,070CG 019065LI000041
0,756182,760CG 019075LI000042
0,857953,500CG 019085LI000043
1,0010794,900CG 019100LI000044
3,501010060,70001531035on request²
Nom. Dia in mmMin. break. Load in NWeight in kg/1000 mold Item Item No.

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Unless otherwise specified, all strands and ropes are manufactured with a tensile strength of 1770 N/mm².
¹ This and other special constructions are available on request. Minimum production quantities apply.
² Tensile strength 1570 N/mm².
³ Available standard material AISI 304.

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