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Assembled wire ropes

Assembled wire ropes from Carl Stahl Technocables are often a simple solution for many mechanical applications and offer you great value for money. The development and manufacture of rope assemblies precisely tailored to your needs is our core competence. In order to increase the efficiency of our products, we produce wire ropes in our wire rope assembly, with rope end connections already pressed on or die-casted according to your requirements. We will tailor your ropes especially for you.
Do you need technical support with regard to rope construction, rope diameter, material and the appropriate pressed or sprayed-on end terminals?

We are happy to help

Rope end connections for a wide variety of rope diameters and rope constructions

Benefit from our large standard portfolio. Due to the large number of standard terminals and our high level of vertical integration, we have solutions for a wide variety of rope diameters and rope constructions. The numerous standard components enable a multitude of possible variations. We manufacture your individual rope from different rope variants, rope end connections and components.
We realize your applications, quickly and flexibly.

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Assembled ropes - types of production

Thanks to our customer-specific and tailor-made product development, all variations, both with our standard components and with special components, can be put together to form your assembled rope. From us as the manufacturer Carl Stahl Technocables, you receive your assembled rope ready for installation, precisely tailored to your requirements.

rope factory

rope assembly

Swaged terminals Technocables
Swaged terminals

In the case of small quantities, we press terminals with variable quantities and very individual concept solutions.

- even small quantities
- individual number
- individual concept solutions

ropes and strands Technocables
Bulk wire rope

As a rope manufacturer and supplier, we have a large selection of fine ropes in the range from 0.09 to 8.0 mm.

- Material steel, stainless steel, tungsten
- conducting wire ropes e-rope
- custom ropes

die-cast Terminals Technocables
Die-cast terminals

In the case of large quantities, we produce ropes with die cast terminals in our production lines in safe and automated processes.

- large quantity
- high repeatability
- precise length tolerances

Overview of our standard terminals

The requirements for prefabricated ropes are very different. Thanks to our large selection of terminals, we can find a solution for every specific requirement.

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Individual special solutions

Whether steel wire rope, stainless steel wire rope, tungsten wire rope, e-rope, cleaned ropes or ready-to-install sets, we will find the right solution.

rope solution medical
Purified ropes
Customized wire ropes for medical technology must meet the highest standards of hygiene, safety and precision. The purified ropes are used to manufacture precise medical tools.
Copper rope ends
Conducting ropes
Our e-rope brand current-conducting ropes are also fitted with cable connections for secure fastening / installation. The electrical and mechanical properties of the ropes are retained.
ropes made of tungsten with end
Tungsten wire ropes
Our tungsten wire ropes can be assembled in the same way as stainless steel or steel wire ropes.
wire rope with ending
Ready-to-install sets
We create individual installation sets and ready-to-install suspension solutions. The sets consist of one or more wire ropes assembled with end terminals and matching cable grippers.

Areas of application assembled steel wire ropes

We assemble stainless steel ropes, galvanized steel ropes, tungsten ropes or e-rope - conducting ropes with copper wires. We develop special ropes with different properties for our customers and, if required, the right rope connection.

connecting rope boden cable
Ropes made up for Bowden cables

Bowden cables are used, for example, in industry or in vehicles (gardening equipment, agricultural equipment/machinery) where they reliably carry out mechanical actuations/force transmissions such as tensile and compressive forces.
Assembled steel cables for bowden cables are used to connect and fasten the bowden cable within components and at the same time to safely transmit compressive and tensile forces as well as mechanical movements. The wire rope (often also stranded wire) within the Bowden cable is flexible and can therefore also be guided around tight/small radii.

Rope for installation
Ropes assembled ready for installation

Assembled ropes are usually required for force absorption and linear force transmission. Examples of this are traction ropes or ropes for weight compensation in mechanical and plant engineering, drive and guide ropes in medical and conveyor technology or as transmission ropes in pulley systems.
The large number of possible variations in rope material and design, wire rope end piece and production enables the development of customized solutions that are optimally adapted to the respective installation and environmental conditions. The consideration of all factors such as the required maximum breaking strength, avoidance of corrosion, rust and chemical reactions ensure an optimum service life for our rope systems.

Suspension rope with end piece
Assembled suspension cables

Wire ropes with end pieces are used to attach suspension elements, e.g. to the ceiling. The possibilities are many and varied. Steel cables are assembled with cable clips / crimp sleeves to form eyelets or with ball head terminals for ceiling brackets or threaded bolts for screwing in.
In conjunction with wire rope holders, any objects such as signs or lamps can be infinitely adjusted and adjusted. We create ready-to-install suspension systems consisting of ceiling mountings, wire rope with rope end connections and wire rope holders / grippers that can be easily and quickly installed on site.

Lamp rope end piece
Conductive cable with terminal

Rope end terminals are also used in combination with our electrically conductive e-rope brand wire ropes. These fulfill both the mechanical functions of steel cables and the efficient transmission of electricity or data.
The pressed-on or die-casted wire rope end pieces enable the current-carrying ropes to be attached with low contact resistance for an efficient electrical connection without impeding the flow of current.
The great advantage is that a power cable and a fastening rope are not required. This saves material, installation time and space and improves the aesthetics.

Pre-assembled ropes - safe, flexible, versatile

Due to ever more compact and lighter applications, installation space is becoming ever smaller. The wide range of assembly and application options for our pre-assembled ropes offer safe, flexible solutions. Even if you do not have standard applications, we can develop special rope end terminations to meet your exact requirements.

Advantages of the different rope end connections:

Seil Schlaufen
A ready-made rope with a soft eye on both sides is very flexible and can be easily adapted and used to existing applications by varying the bolt diameter and loop length.

Seil Kausche
The size of the soft eye with thimble is specified and can be aligned accordingly in the middle. The soft eye with thimble distributes the load on the wire rope over a larger area, thus reducing the surface pressure and thus the wear on the wire rope.

Seil Kabelschuh
With the eyelet, uniform fixing points are possible due to the given contour. This allows them to be permanently installed in existing applications.

seil kugel
Assembled ropes with balls can be used in even less space. Possible applications can be realized here that require linear force absorption and automatic centering of the rope.

Seil Gewinde
A thread has the great advantage that it can be adjusted. The length can vary depending on the thread type and thread size. The tolerance can be compensated accordingly between the built-in ropes. This can also tighten the rope.

Seil Stufennippel
The shank end stop is a good choice if you have an application with a predetermined bore.

In the area of development, CAD and construction, our technicians and engineers work out customized solutions for the respective application in dialogue with the customer. The high demands our customers place on the assembled TechnoCables are the benchmark for us. During development, prototypes are also produced for special requirements using innovative rapid prototyping. The initial samples are put through their paces by us. As soon as the product meets all requirements, series production begins.

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