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Your manufacturer for bowden cables and rope technology

Carl Stahl Technocables offers a wide range of assembled ropes and bowden cables, wire ropes and strands, cable gripper, cleaned ropes, conducting wire ropes of the brand e-rope and individual solutions in a diameter range of 0.09 mm - max. 8 mm. We are your partner in the field of thin wire ropes. We will be happy to develop your specific solution.

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Carl Stahl Technocables product and service portfolio

Assembled cables
Assembled ropes

Our rope assembly manufactures custom-made rope solutions and meets the highest quality standards for your requirements.


  • Die-cast terminals
  • Swaged terminals
Bowden cables
Bowden cables

Our bowden cables are available in various designs for various areas of application. We also develop your individual Bowden cable solution.

Bowden cable components:

  • Round, flat and Push-pull spirals
  • End caps and hose sockets
wire ropes and strands
Wire ropes and strands

With 30 years of experience, we produce wire ropes and strands made of galvanized steel, stainless steel and tungsten in various diameters and rope constructions.

  • Steel wire ropes and strands
  • plastic-coated steel wire ropes
  • Special constructions and materials
Cable holder
Cable gripper / wire rope suspension

Due to our large product range and our product development team, we can implement individual suspension solutions for every application.

  • Cable gripper
  • Ready-to-install suspension wire
  • Wire suspension kit
e-rope / Conducting wire ropes
e-rope / Conducting wire ropes

Cableless, low voltage, conducting. Our new e-rope series combines mechanical advantages of steel cables with an efficient power supply.


Our range offers a variety of different pulleys for every application.

Application areas fine ropes

Product catalog Carl Stahl Technocables

You can also find an overview of our products in our catalogue.

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