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Wire rope supllier and innovative development supplier and provider of pre-assembled steel cables and cable assemblies

We offer branch-specific steel cable solutions and bowden cable systems in the fine rope sector. Whether steel cables and strands, pre-assembled wire ropes or individual cable solutions: Carl Stahl TECHNOCABLES is a worldwide development supplier for many areas of application.

As a steel wire rope factory, supplier, bowden cable manufacturer and rope confectioner based in Germany, we manufacture your stainless steel, galvanised steel or tungsten wire rope or strand or complete suspension kit to your individual requirements. We are particularly strong in the area of special solutions.
Do you need an individually configured stainless steel cable, ready-to-install wire rope or a coated steel cable for your application? As a customer you benefit from more than 30 years of experience in technical rope production and strand production. Together we will find the right wire rope solution to meet your requirements.

Carl Stahl TECHNOCABLES Products

Assembled ropes

Assembled ropes are our core competence. We advise and configure rope, end connections and other components for your individual use.

Bulk wire ropes

Our wire ropes and strands, made of stainless steel, steel and tungsten, are available with different structures. Also in special materials, coated, purified, ...

e-rope / Conducting wire rope

Mechanical advantages of steel cables connected with efficient power supply.

Cable gripper / rope suspension

We offer standard cable gripper, as well as ready-to-install suspension ropes and suspension systems with wire ropes.

Bowden cable

We create your bowden cable with standard components or with special components. You will receive your individual bowden cable ready to install.

Your benefits

  • Technocables quality
    an uncompromising and certified quality focus in all areas.
  • know how and experience
    extensive know-how and over 30 years of experience in development and production.
  • knowledge
    a high level technical understanding.
  • customer in focus
    customized products, solutions and services.
  • Carl Stahl Technocables Customers
    a trusting and cooperative partnership with customers, suppliers and employees.
  • environmental protection
    an environmentally conscious company and sustainable development.


Wire ropes and strands made of tungsten wire
Wire ropes and strands made of tungsten wire

Find out more about the special properties of tungsten ropes and strands



Conducting wire rope - e-rope
Conducting wire rope - e-rope

New flyer for the e-rope product range, with current-conducting wire ropes.


Flyer e-rope

Product page e-rope

Carl Stahl TECHNOCABLES GmbH - wire rope supplier, bowden cable manufacturer and assembler

Carl Stahl TECHNOCABLES develops and produces both: steel cables and strands as bulk material as well as pre-assembled cables and bowden cables according to customers specifications.
At our rope factory and rope assembly in Germany, we develop and manufacture bulk wire ropes and strands as well as assembled solutions. We are also bowden cable manufacturer. Our creative research and development engineers guarantee know-how and innovation. For special requirements, we develop specific cable systems in close cooperation with our customers - in compliance with quality standards.

More about Carl Stahl Technocables

Manufacturer fine wire ropes

Unternehmen Seilerei

The finest ropes from our rope factory - the basis of all rope solutions at Carl Stahl Technocables

Whether assembled rope solutions, bowden cables or suspension solutions - the basis is always one of our thin wire ropes. We specialize in the manufacture of the finest ropes in the diameter range from 0.09 to 8.00 mm. At Carl Stahl Technocables, you can obtain high-quality wire ropes and wire rope solutions made of various materials, including coated, purified, greased or hammered. On request, we can produce customized ropes in our rope factory. The assembly and rope production take place at our site in Germany.

stainless steel cable

galvanized steel cable

wire rope made of tungsten wire

wire rope made with copper wire

wire rope made of nitinol wire

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