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Cable gripper & hanging wire systems

Cable gripper, suspension wire ropes and complete suspension systems are available from Carl Stahl Technocables in the highest quality. Our wire rope suspension systems are used, for example, for signage, lighting, acoustics, interior fittings, fall protection and ceiling sails. We are your partner for professional wire rope suspensions and fastening technology. Discover our variety of products. We have a large selection of standard products in stock. If necessary, we manufacture ropes according to your individual wishes and adapt suspension sets to your requirements.
All information about our cable holders and their accessories can be found with detailed informations such as drawings or workloads in our new inquiry system.

Product overview cable gripper, suspension wire, wire suspension kit

Matching cable gripper according to rope strength

Below you will find a selection of the different types of our cable gripper. In combination with our fine wire ropes with and assembled suspension wire ropes with end terminals, different types of cable holder for defined diameter ranges are possible. These cable gripper for wire ropes can be combined across series for the same rope diameter.

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Cable holder 1012
Cable holder Serie 1018
Cable holder Serie 1218
Cable holder Serie 2030


Matching wire rope holders and assembled suspension wire ropes, complete hanging wire systems

Cable gripper are available in various designs and are used to support static loads on wire ropes and assembled suspension wire ropes. Our cable grippers can be installed without tools and with little effort. The advantage of our cable grippers for wire ropes compared to conventional suspension systems is the stepless height adjustment, the tool-free assembly of suspension sets and the resulting time savings during installation and assembly.

stepless height adjustment

tool-free assembly

time saving installation

Height-adjustable rope suspension from the ceiling

Cable holder
Cable gripper

We offer different cable gripper suitable for different rope diameters.

  • cable gripper
  • ceiling attachment
  • wire rope attachment
  • loop tensioner
Suspension cables
Suspension wire

We carry assembled suspension wires to match our cable gripper solutions, for your application.

  • suspension wire swaged terminal
  • suspension wire die-cast terminal
  • safety ropes
  • spring rope
suspension system rope
Wire suspension kit

We create your ready-to-install wire suspension kit individually according to your specifications.

  • single wire suspension set
  • duplex wire suspension set
  • multi wire suspension set

We will be happy to put together YOUR customized suspension solution. The Carl Stahl Technocables specialist staff will be happy to advise you.

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Functionality of our cable grippers

The function of the cable gripper is independent to the different types, system-dependent the same. Inside the cable holder are 3 guide balls. They are held by a spring, pin and cone. The  suspension rope to be used is guided through the cable gripper with the thermally separated end. The cable holders for wire ropes and assembled suspensions can now be positioned steplessly on the rope. When the cable holder is loaded, the balls grip the rope and are clamped. The following applies: The greater the load, the more firmly the cable holder presses onto the rope surface.

Assembly example

operation manual

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