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Bulk wire ropes and strands

As a rope manufacturer and supplier of fine ropes in the range from 0.09 to 8.0 mm, we offer you an extensive range of bulk wire ropes and strands with different diameters and designs. Our steel wire ropes and steel wire strands are available in stainless steel, galvanized steel, tungsten, copper (conducting wires e-rope) and special materials. Depending on the intended use, you will receive coated steel cables or coated stainless steel cables. You can find our range of swaged / hammered and purified ropes and strands on the special ropes page.

New innovative applications for wire ropes and wire strands are discovered and used every day. An increasing number of designers today use the versatile properties and possibilities provided by wire ropes and strands to flexibly and reliably achieve three-dimensional functions. Our wire ropes are used in numerous areas.

Wire ropes and wire strands from Carl Stahl Technocables

We advise you on the selection of the suitable wire rope or the right strand for your application. Thanks to the wide range of options, we can offer steel wire ropes for a wide variety of applications. All TechnoCables are manufactured from wires of high tensile strength. Years of experience and a continuous quality assurance chain from incoming goods to dispatch are a guarantee for the highest level of reliability and quality. This makes us your reliable partner for all rope applications.

Dimension wire rope / wire strand
Dimension wire rope / wire strand

We offer ropes in the range under 1 mm to 8 mm. Fine ropes with a small diameter are used in medical technology for example. Wire ropes with a larger diameter in mechanical engineering or in the field of sun protection.

  • strands 0.09 mm - 5.0 mm
  • ropes 0.12 mm - 8.0 mm
wire rope material
Materials wire rope / wire strand

The selection of the suitable material depends on the area of application. Steel wire ropes are in many cases the most economical option. For many areas of application, ropes made of galvanized steel have adequate corrosion protection. We recommend the use of stainless steel cables for applications with a high corrosion potential.

  • Galvanized steel ropes and strands
  • Stainless steel ropes and strands
  • Tungsten steel ropes and strands
  • Ropes, strands with copper wires (e-rope)
  • Ropes and strands made of special materials
Construction wire rope
Construction of wire rope / wire strand

Strands are made by stranding wires and are the basic for further rope manufacturing. 3 to 37-wire strands are stranded here. As the number of wires increases, the flexibility of the rope and thus the fatigue strength increases. A strand, rope or fiber insert can be used as the insert.

  • Steel wire ropes
  • Steel cables with fiber core
  • Steel wire strands
coated wie ropes
Surfaces of wire ropes / wire strands

Surface treatments can be individually tailored to the respective demands and customer application. Functional coatings can also be implemented on request.

  • Galvanized steel cable coated, stainless steel cable coated
  • Wire rope greased
  • Coated wire rope
  • Swaged wire rope
  • Wire rope purified

Product portfolio of strands, steel ropes and special ropes

As a wire rope manufacturer and wire rope supplier, we can offer an extensive portfolio of strands and wire ropes. In the area of fine ropes and special constructions, we meet individual customer requirements.


We are your supplier for strands made of stainless steel, galvanized steel and tungsten. We offer strands in construction: strand 1x7, strand 1x12, strand 1x19

Wire ropes
Wire ropes

Our extensive range of different rope constructions is available with a fiber or steel core, and depending on the application, PU coated.

Special wires
Special wires

Upon request, you can receive our strands and ropes with special treatments such as purified, swaged or greased.

Assembled ropes and strands

Does your application require a assembled rope? We develop and produce your individual rope from different rope variants, rope end connections and components. In the case of small quantities, we press terminals with variable quantities and very individual concept solutions. In the case of large quantities, terminals are produced using the die-casting process in safe and automated processes.

Assembled ropes

e-rope conducting wire rope with terminals

Rope assembly

assembled wire ropes

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