Wire suspension kit / suspension system

Wire suspension kits provide the ability to securely mount lighting such as lamps or led, audio systems, signs and other elements to the ceiling. A cable attachment is a discreet solution that is easy to install and adjustable in height. Wire suspension hanging kits from Carl Stahl Technocables are reliable, variable, easy to install and available as single elements or suspension sets consisting of ceiling bracket, wire rope and cable gripper. We have a wide range of components in stock, offering the right solution for every application. We will put together your suspension system individually for you.

Overview components wire suspension kits

Kits for ceiling suspension with 1, 2 or 3 wire suspension

You will receive your wire hanging system ready for installation, assembled according to your requirements. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the most suitable components. With our wire suspension elements with single, duplex or multi cable can be fixed.

Image: 1 suspension kit 1 rope, 2 suspension kit 2 rope, 3 suspension kit 3 rope

Suspension hanging kits

Our suspension systems are available in a wide range of variants. We put together your suspension set individually for you. You can see some examples here.

Construction of a suspension set

Application areas of our wire suspension kits

Carl Stahl Technocables - Your partner for professional ceiling wire rope suspension of lights, fall arresters, acoustic elements, interior design and much more. Due to our product variety there are numerous further application possibilities. Whenever a suspension from the ceiling is needed, our products are used. Our suspension systems are suitable for drywall construction or interior fittings, for trade fair construction or in companies for the suspension of signs, lamps and lights or acoustic elements such as loudspeakers.
We are also happy to develop new solutions specifically for your application.




interior fittings

power cable suspension set

Our product series e-rope offers ropes with electrical conductors in the low voltage range. In the case of rope suspension, the suspension rope also carries the current. This means that there is no need for an additional suspension rope.

More about the product series e-rope conducting wire ropes

Components for suspension kits with wire rope and cable gripper

Cable gripper technical information

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