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Tradition with electrical impulses: This is our new product line e-rope from Carl Stahl Technocables. As a development supplier with our own research and development department, we assemble your current-carrying rope for rope attachment ready for installation according to your specifications. Depending on the number of pieces, terminals are swaged or sprayed onto the corresponding e-rope rope in our rope assembly department. The swaged terminals are made of stainless steel, galvanized steel, zamak - fine zinc die casting, brass or copper. Terminals made of zamak - fine zinc die casting are sprayed on in our production lines in safe and automated processes. We use standard components from stock or, if the quantity is large enough, special terminals. Standard components for our current-carrying wire ropes are cylindrical nipples, shank end stops, balls, eyelets or threads. Length and tensile tests as well as endurance tests guarantee a high service life and tensile strength of our rope solutions. We are particularly strong in the field of special constructions.

e-rope material - resistivity steel, stainless steel, copper

The resistivity of steel or stainless steel is high; to increase the conductivity of the ropes, the lower conductor resistance of copper is used. Ropes of the e-rope brand are made of steel or stainless steel, which are stranded with copper wires to form a low-voltage rope with good conductivity. Due to the resulting good conductivity, an e-rope brand rope replaces a cable with a suspension rope. The pressed-on terminals for rope attachment are often made of brass or also copper in the case of current-conducting ropes, so as not to increase the electrical resistance.

Example of e-rope assembled solutions

e-rope assembled solution
e-rope rope terminal

Swagged end terminals for low voltage rope e-rope

TerminationsDimensions [mm]Rope numberPart number
A-Type Terminal
(cylindrical stop sleeve)
B-Type Terminal
(shank end stop)
C-Type Terminal
D-Type Terminal
Ø6,6-10,7-SE000608/ SE000525KA000013
E-Type Terminal
(thread terminal)
M550,065,0SW3,2 SE000608GE000009
M530,045,0SW5,0 SE000525GE000012
M550,065,0SW5,0 SE000525GE000013
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