e-rope bulk wire ropes

We also offer our extensive range of conducting wire ropes, e-rope, as bulk wire ropes. As a wire rope manufacturer, we have been producing strands and wire ropes in our own rope factory since 1880 and have now been able to expand our product range, with our conducting wire ropes - e-rope.
Our e-rope: Tradition and know-how paired with the latest techniques.

Due to the flexible rope construction of the e-rope, it can also be run over pulleys. We assemble your conducting wire rope - e-rope according to your requirements, also including suitable cable holders.

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Highlights of our conductive wire ropes - e-rope

Our new product line e-rope
Low resistance

to conventional steel cables.

High load capacityt

for all applications.

More flexible

e-rope runs over pulleys due to the flexible cable construction

Electrical properties

Voltage range:0-50 Volt
Electrical conductivity:ca. 25,22ca. 25,57
IACS*:ca. 45,1 %ca. 45,6 %
Specific resistance:ca. 0,0397ca. 0,0391
Conductor resistance:ca. 0,0765ca. 0,0250

*IACS = International Annealed Copper Standard

Mechanical properties

Material:galvanized steel + copper
Cable construction:6x7-WSC
Part number:SE000534SE000525
Diameter:1,00 mm1,80 mm
Minimum breaking load:650 N1450 N

Voltage drop (5W / 12V)

e-rope technical specifications

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