Swaged terminals - assembled ropes

swaged terminals rope

Swaged terminals are particularly useful for smaller quantities. The number of assembled ropes can be individual here. With this type of production, individual concept solutions can also be implemented. Custom-made products are possible depending on the number of items. You can find our swaged rope end connections here in the overview. These are our standard swaged terminals. Depending on the scope, we also offer die-cast terminals.
At Carl Stahl Technocables we manufacture your assembled rope according to your requirements, in our rope assembly at our location in Süssen.


A-Type Terminal (cylindrical stop sleeve)

Our cylindrical stop sleeves are made of brass, galvanized steel and stainless steel.

Die-cast cylindrical stop sleeve
for cable øA ø ± 0,3B± 1,0 mmMaterialItem No. oldItem No. new
0,27 – 0,452,54BrassAM250405NI000001
0,54 – 0,632,54BrassAM250407NI000002
0,72 – 0,8134,5BrassAM300409NI000003
0,90 – 1,003,55BrassAM350511NI000004
1,20 – 1,504,27BrassAM420716NI000007
1,75 – 1,805,27BrassAM520720NI000008
1,546Galvanized steelAZ400617NI000021
1,546Stainless steelAS400617NI000012
248Galvanized steelAZ400822NI000022
248Stainless steelAS400822NI000013
2,5512Galvanized steelAZ501227NI000023
2,5512Stainless steelAS501227NI000014
3614Galvanized steelAZ601433NI000024
3614Stainless steelAS601433NI000015
4818Galvanized steelAZ801843NI000025
4818Stainless steelAS801843NI000016
51023Galvanized steelAZ102354NI000017
51023Stainless steelAS102354NI000009
61227Galvanized steelAZ122764NI000018
61227Stainless steelAS122764NI000010
81636Galvanized steelAZ163685NI000019
81636Stainless steelAS163685NI000011

All measurements “after swaging”.
Please be aware that the minimum breaking load of the wire rope will be reduced once the end terminals have been swaged onto the rope.
Delivery of individual items is not possible.

B-Type Terminal (shank end stop)

We offer B-Type Terminal shank end tops made of brass, galvanized steel and stainless steel.

swaged shank end stop rope
for cable ø mmA ø ± 0,3B± 1,0 mmC ø ± 0,3D± 1,0 mmMaterialItem No. oldItem No. new
0,27 – 0,362,54,03,55,0BrassBMB02535NI000026
0,45 – 0,632,54,03,55,0BrassBMB12535NI000032
0,72 – 0,813,04,55,05,5BrassBMB03050NI000028
0,90 – 1,003,55,06,06,5BrassBMB03560NI000029
1,20 – 1,504,27,07,08,5BrassBMB04270NI000030
1,75 – 1,805,27,08,08,5BrassBMB05280NI000031
1,504,06,08,07,5Galvanized steelBZB04080NI000044
1,504,06,08,07,5Stainless steelBSB04080NI000036
2,004,08,08,010,0Galvanized steelBZB24080NI000052
2,004,08,08,010,0Stainless steelBSB24080NI000043
2,505,012,010,014,5Galvanized steelBZB05010NI000045
2,505,012,010,014,5Stainless steelBSB05010NI000037
3,006,014,012,017,0Galvanized steelBZB06012NI000046
3,006,014,012,017,0Stainless steelBSB06012NI000038
4,008,018,014,020,0Galvanized steelBZB08014NI000047
4,008,018,014,020,0Stainless steelBSB08014NI000039
5,0010,023,016,028,0Galvanized steelBZB10016NI000048
5,0010,023,016,028,0Stainless steelBSB10016NI000040
6,0012,027,018,033,0Galvanized steelBZB12018NI000049
6,0012,027,018,033,0Stainless steelBSB12018NI000041
8,0016,036,024,044,0Galvanized steelBZB16024NI000051
8,0016,036,024,044,0Stainless steelBSB16024NI000042

All measurements “after swaging”.
Please be aware that the minimum breaking load of the wire rope will be reduced once the end terminals have been swaged onto the rope.
Delivery of individual items is not possible.

C-Type Terminal (ball)

The rope end connections we offer include swaged balls made of brass, galvanized steel and stainless steel.

ball swaged
for cable ø mmA ø ± 0,3MaterialItem No. oldItem No. new
0,27 – 0,361,5Stainless steelCS002715KU000015
0,45 – 0,501,5Stainless steelCS004515KU000016
0,27 – 0,362,0BrassCM002720KU000001
0,45 – 0,602,0BrassCM004520KU000003
0,27 – 0,452,3BrassCM002723KU000002
0,45 – 0,602,3BrassCM004523KU000004
0,36 – 0,813,2BrassCM008132KU000006
0,63 – 1,004,0BrassCM008040KU000005
1,20 – 1,504,0BrassCM017040KU000012
0,63 – 1,004,8BrassCM010048KU000008
1,20 – 1,504,8BrassCM016048KU000011
1,20 – 1,506,0BrassCM012060KU000010
1,76 – 2,004,8BrassCM022048KU000013
1,76 – 2,006,0BrassCM022060KU000014
2,006,0Galvanized steelCZ020060KU000030
2,006,0Stainless steelCS020060KU000017
2,508,0Galvanized steelCZ025080KU000031
2,508,0Stainless steelCS025080KU000018
3,008,0Galvanized steelCZ030080KU000032
3,008,0Stainless steelCS030080KU000019
4,0010,0Galvanized steelCZ040010KU000033
4,0010,0Stainless steelCS040010KU000020

All measurements “after swaging”.
Please be aware that the minimum breaking load of the wire rope will be reduced once the end terminals have been swaged onto the rope.
Delivery of individual items is not possible.

D-Type Terminal (eyelet)

Eyelets are made of galvanized steel and stainless steel.

Eyelet swaged
for cable ø mmA± 1,0B± 0,3 mmC± 0,2D± 1,0 mmE± 1,0 mmMaterialItem No. oldItem No. new
0,36 – 1,006,63,61,13,314,7Stainless steelDS036360KA000001
0,36 – 1,006,64,21,13,314,7Stainless steelDS036420KA000002
0,36 – 1,009,55,61,15,017,0Stainless steelDS036560KA000003
0,36 – 1,009,56,51,15,017,0Stainless steelDS036650KA000004
1,20 – 2,0010,73,61,58,125,4Stainless steelDS120360KA000005
1,20 – 2,0010,74,81,58,125,4Stainless steelDS120480KA000006
1,20 – 2,0010,75,61,58,125,4Stainless steelDS120560KA000007
1,20 – 2,0010,76,61,58,125,4Stainless steelDS120660KA000008
1,20 – 2,0010,76,61,58,125,4Galvanized steelDZ120660KA000013
2,00 – 2,5019,09,62,312,030,2Galvanized steelDZ200960KA000015
2,00 – 2,5019,012,72,312,030,2Galvanized steelDZ200127KA000014
2,00 – 2,5019,09,62,312,030,2Stainless steelDS200960KA000010
2,00 – 2,5019,012,72,312,030,2Stainless steelDS200127KA000009
3,0021,69,63,215,249,3Galvanized steelDZ300960KA000017
3,0021,612,73,215,249,3Galvanized steelDZ300127KA000016
3,0021,69,63,215,249,3Stainless steelDS300960KA000012
3,0021,612,73,215,249,3Stainless steelDS300127KA000011
4,00 – 5,0025,49,64,816,060,5Galvanized steelDZ400960KA000024
4,00 – 5,0025,412,74,816,060,5Galvanized steelDZ400127KA000023
4,00 – 5,0025,49,64,816,060,5Stainless steelDS400960KA000020
4,00 – 5,0025,412,74,816,060,5Stainless steelDS400127KA000019

All measurements “after swaging”.
Please be aware that the minimum breaking load of the wire rope will be reduced once the end terminals have been swaged onto the rope.
Delivery of individual items is not possible.
Other configurations on request.

E-Type Terminal (thread terminal)

Thread terminal are made of brass, galvanized steel and stainless steel.

Thread terminal swaged
for cable ø mmAB± 1,0 mmC± 2,0SW± 0,3 mmMaterialItem No. oldItem No. new
0,27 – 0,45M320,028,02,3BrassEM027320GE000001
0,27 – 0,45M412,018,01,6*BrassEM027412GE000002
0,27 – 0,45M430,040,02,3BrassEM027430GE000003
0,54 – 0,63M420,030,02,3BrassEM054420GE000004
0,54 – 0,63M435,045,02,3BrassEM054435GE000005
0,72 – 0,81M525,040,02,8BrassEM072525GE000006
0,72 – 0,81M540,055,02,8BrassEM072540GE000007
0,90 – 1,00M530,045,03,2BrassEM090530GE000008
0,90 – 1,00M550,065,03,2BrassEM090550GE000009
1,20 – 1,50M630,042,04,0BrassEM120630GE000010
1,20 – 1,50M650,065,04,0BrassEM120650GE000011
1,75 – 1,80M830,045,05,0BrassEM175830GE000012
1,75 – 1,80M850,065,05,0BrassEM175850GE000013
2,00M630,047,04,3Galvanized steelEZ200630GE000028
2,00M650,067,04,3Galvanized steelEZ200650GE000029
2,00M630,047,04,3Stainless steelES200630GE000014
2,00M650,067,04,3Stainless steelES200650GE000015
2,50M630,050,04,3Galvanized steelEZ250630GE000030
2,50M650,070,04,3Galvanized steelEZ250650GE000031
2,50M630,050,04,3Stainless steelES250630GE000016
2,50M650,070,04,3Stainless steelES250650GE000017
3,00M830,053,06,0Galvanized steelEZ300830GE000032
3,00M850,073,06,0Galvanized steelEZ300850GE000033
3,00M830,053,06,0Stainless steelES300830GE000018
3,00M850,073,06,0Stainless steelES300850GE000019
4,00M840,070,07,0Galvanized steelEZ400840GE000034
4,00M870,0100,07,0Galvanized steelEZ400870GE000035
4,00M840,070,07,0Stainless steelES400840GE000020
4,00M870,0100,07,0Stainless steelES400870GE000021
5,00M1040,075,08,7Galvanized steelEZ500140GE000036
5,00M1070,0105,08,7Galvanized steelEZ500170GE000037
5,00M1040,075,08,7Stainless steelES500140GE000022
5,00M1070,0105,08,7Stainless steelES500170GE000023
6,00M1240,080,010,7Galvanized steelEZ600140GE000038
6,00M1270,0110,010,7Galvanized steelEZ600170GE000039
6,00M1240,080,010,7Stainless steelES600140GE000024
6,00M1270,0110,010,7Stainless steelES600170GE000025
8,00M1640,090,014,5Galvanized steelEZ800140GE000040
8,00M1670,0120,014,5Galvanized steelEZ800170GE000041
8,00M1640,090,014,5Stainless steelES800140GE000026
8,00M1670,0120,014,5Stainless steelES800170GE000027

*square swaged
All measurements “after swaging”.
Please be aware that the minimum breaking load of the wire rope will be reduced once the end terminals have been swaged onto the rope.
Delivery of individual items is not possible.

Fork heads:

AØB H8 mmC mmD mmE mmF B12 mmØG mmØH mmItem No. oldItem No. new
M6636432461012S 0402770DI000015
M8848583281416S 0402230DI000014
M1010607240101820S 0404550on request
M1212728648122024S 0406860on request
M16169611564162632S 0406850on request

Spring cup pin:

Suitable for fork head with Item No.A mmItem No. oldItem No. new
S 0402770 bzw. DI00001516,0S 2506870DI000142
S 0402230 bzw. DI00001421,5S 2502240DI000173
S 040455026,0S 2504560on request
040686031,0S 2506880on request
S 040685039,0S 2506890on request

Soft eye

Our soft eye terminals for wire ropes with steel core (1) are made of tinned copper, aluminum or stainless steel.
Soft eye terminals for ropes with fiber core (1) are made of aluminum.
Thimbles (2) for soft eye terminals are made of stainless steel or galvanized steel.

Soft eye with thimble swaged
rope ø mmA± 0,3 mmB± 1,0 mmMaterialItem No. oldItem No. new
0,27 – 0,50SW 1,6 square6,0Tinned copperR0502720KL000019
0,54 – 1,103,07,0AluminiumT1005430KL000020
0,54 – 1,103,27,5Stainless steelP5E00010KL000010
1,20 – 1,504,28,0AluminiumT1512042KL000021
1,20 – 1,504,47,0Stainless steelP5E00015KL000011
1,60 – 2,004,29,5AluminiumT2016042KL000022
1,60 – 2,004,610,5Stainless steelP5E00020KL000012
2,55,611,0Stainless steelP5E00025KL000013
3,06,512,0Stainless steelP5E00030KL000014
4,08,615,5Stainless steelP5E00040KL000015
5,011,021,6Stainless steelP5E00050KL000016
6,014,025,5Stainless steelP5E00060KL000017
8,018,033,5Stainless steelP5E00080KL000018

Please specify the eye size (length L and diameter Ø) with your order.
The length L is normally dimensioned with 12 times the rope diameter and the soft eye diameter Ø with half of the length L.

rope ø mmA± 0,3 mmB± 1,0 mmMaterialItem No. oldItem No. new

Bitte geben Sie bei der Bestellung immer den Durchmesser Ø und die Länge L der Schlaufe in mm an.
Standardmäßig wird die Länge L mit dem 12-fachen Seildurchmesser und der Schlaufendurchmesser Ø mit der halben Länge L berechnet.
Alle angegebenen Maße im verpressten Zustand.
Bitte beachten Sie die Reduzierung der Seilbruchkraft durch die Aufpressung des Terminals.
Die Lieferung von unverpressten Teilen ist nicht möglich.

rope ø mmC± 1,0 mmD± 2,0 mmE*± 1,0 mmF*± 0,5 mmMaterialItem No. oldItem No. new
0,45 – 1,2011,55,03,07,5Stainless steelKSS45120KS000025
1,20 – 2,0025,58,64,014,6Stainless steelKSS12020KS000026
2,53112,05,721,0Galvanized SteelKZA00025KS000002
2,52410,04,418,0Stainless steelKSS00025KS000019
3,03212,05,722,0Galvanized SteelKZA00030KS000003
3,02610,04,418,0Stainless steelKSS00030KS000019
4,03514,07,925,0Galvanized SteelKZA00040KS000004
4,03011,06,421,0Stainless steelKSS00040KS000020
5,04016,09,530,5Galvanized SteelKZA00050KS000005
5,03513,08,026,0Stainless steelKSS00050KS000021
6,04518,09,235,5Galvanized SteelKZA00060KS000006
6,04316,09,231,0Stainless steelKSS00060KS000022

*Size E = Thimble width
Please note: The dimensions A and B are equal to the dimensions of the ferrules on page 26. Standardwise we supply stainless steel ropes with thimbles and ferrules made out of stainless steel. Galvanized ropes are supplied with galvanized thimbles and ferrules made out of aluminium. If you would like thimbles and ferrules in other materials please specifiy this on your order. Exception: cable-Ø 0,45 – for which we only use copper ferrule KL000019.

Loop sleeves / hand crimping tools

We offer you a range of loop sleeves and hand crimping pliers.
All ferrules are intended to be used in conjunction with our manual crimping tools for prototypes or for short-term applications. We recommend checking all connections made with our hand crimping tools before use.

loop sleeves
For Rope Ø mmLength after crimping ± 1 mmMaterialItem No. oldItem No. newMatching crimping tool
0,36 – 0,457BrassTM455865KL000034DI000126
0,54 – 0,637BrassTM636865KL000035DI000126
0,54 – 0,908galvanized copperTK721070KL000032DI000126
0,54 – 0,904galvanized copperTK721035KL000031DI000126
1,00 – 1,4011galvanized copperTK121510KL000023DI000126
1,50 – 2,0010,5galvanized copperTK182010KL000024DI000126
2,5012,5galvanized copperTK250120KL000025DI000127
3,0019,0galvanized copperTK300190KL000026DI000127
4,0022,0galvanized copperTK400210KL000027DI000127
5,0032,0galvanized copperTK500340KL000028DI000127
rope ø mmsleeve shapelength mmweight kgmaterialItem No. oldItem No. new
0,45 – 2,0hexagon 2200,4hardened and temperedCGT00185DI000126
1,20 – 5,0round5002high carbon steelCGT00188DI000127

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