Carl Stahl
innovative manufacturer and developer

Research and development

We started as a small rope factory over 130 years ago. Today we are active as an innovative manufacturer and development supplier worldwide.

Whether assembled solutions, bowden cables, bulk wire ropes, cable holder / rope suspensions or conducting wire ropes from the e-rope brand: Carl Stahl Technocables manufactures ready-to-install wire ropes and rope systems according to customer specifications. As a development supplier, we are at your side to advise you on individual rope systems.

Thanks to the close dialogue with our customers, the highest quality standards and environmentally conscious action, we are your partner for innovative rope technology.


With the latest software and decades of experience, Carl Stahl Technocables offers innovative CAD development for various customer requirements. This includes the development of individual components as well as ready-to-install rope systems and Bowden cables.

development CAD
Development process


We use rapid prototyping as a company for the rapid production of sample components in order to provide our customers with a model in advance, which can then be further optimized if necessary. This is a quick and inexpensive solution for both sides to quickly hold the desired product in their hands. The basis for this are CAD drawings created by our developers.

When choosing the suitable process for the production of the prototypes, we weigh up between quick & inexpensive solutions with the standard processes FDM & SLM or the use of special processes such as SLA, SLM, CNC and injection molding. By using them, functional and resilient prototypes can be produced quickly. This is done taking into account your special requirements and wishes.

Functional model

On the basis of 3D constructions and through the use of innovative processes, we produce prototypes and samples for first concept views and experimental purposes for you in the shortest possible time.

Serial pattern

For load tests and initial sampling, we assemble samples and pre-series for you in the desired series material.

Rapid Prototyping

Our services

  • Development of an individual and innovative rope system according to your wishes and requirements.
  • Conceptual design of special solutions taking into account the function and areas of application.
  • Planning and elaboration of individual customer requirements.
  • Production of prototypes using innovative rapid prototyping processes.
  • Assembly of series samples and the associated documentation
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