Carl Stahl Technocables Customized durable high quality rope assemblies

Manufactorer of customized rope solutions and bowden cable

In our rope manufacturing facility in Suessen, we produce thousands of precisely fitting, ready-to-install rope systems every day according to customer specifications in a wide range of variants. Whether standard products or special solutions, our customers receive assembled steel wire ropes, bowden cables, cable holder and rope supsensions sets individually tailored to their requirements. Our assembled ropes can be used in the smallest of spaces and provide time and efficiency gains during installation.

We specialize in customized rope solutions in the fine wire rope sector. Our extensive range of wire ropes and strands are the starting product for this.

Custom-made steel wire ropes for any application

cable connections
Steel cable with terminal for bowden cables

We assemble strands and ropes for Bowden cables, taking into account the requirements for bending fatigue strength, ease of pulling, material properties (corrosion, external influences, environment, load capacity/longevity as well as attachment type and size.

cable end
Steel cable with connection ready for installation

Our steel wire ropes are assembled with the desired end piece ready for installation. In our assembly department, terminals are molded or pressed onto the end of the steel wire rope in safe, automated processes. Individual wire rope connections can also be created. Thanks to the established standards in our rope assembly and decades of experience, a high pull-off / breaking strength of the assembly is achieved.

cable end piece
Steel cable with connection for suspension

For wire ropes used for suspension, we crimp the connections required for fastening with the desired steel wire rope in any length in our assembly department. The prefabricated wire rope is supplied cut to length and can be immediately assembled/installed in the application.

cable terminal
e-rope Conductive steel wire rope with terminal

The conductive wire ropes in the e-rope product line are also fitted with steel wire rope ends according to customer requirements. They are used not only to attach suspended elements but also as a conductive connection.

Technical rope solutions from Carl Stahl Technocables

variety of available components
high quality and precisely fitting
state-of-the-art production techniques
one location

Your individual, precisely fitting cable system from Carl Stahl Technocables

For your individual rope system, we are there to advise you as a development supplier right from the start. Close dialog with our customers, the highest quality standards and environmentally conscious actions make us your partner for innovative rope technology. Length and tensile tests as well as endurance tests ensure a long service life and tensile strength of our rope solutions. Thanks to a high degree of automation, state-of-the-art machinery and experienced employees, we produce our products effectively and efficiently. With development and production at our site in Suessen, all stages from inquiry to delivery go hand in hand.

Product safety / quality

Fine ropes with terminals, end pieces and other components

We have a large number of different rope variants, rope end connections and other components in stock for your rope solutions. With our steel cable connections, for example, wire cables can be connected to construction parts. From this we put together the right components according to your requirements. If further components are required, we can also implement this. Our core competence is the development and production of rope assemblies that are tailored exactly to your needs.

Swaged terminals

Die-cast terminals

Our strength - customized rope solutions

Our rope solutions are used in a wide variety of industries and applications. Wherever high force needs to be applied in a small space, our global customers rely on our rope assemblies and bowden cables, with diameters ranging from 0.09 to 8.0 mm. As an established manufacturer and development supplier, we are sure to find the right rope solution together with you and with the help of our own research and development department. We are particularly strong in the area of special solutions. We support you in the selection of rope construction, rope diameter, material and the matching swaged or die-cast end terminals and all other components. Whatever application you are planning - we will find the right solution for your application.

Customized rope solutions

Product ranges Carl Stahl Technocables

rope assembly
Wire ropes / strands

In the diameter range from 0.09 to 8.0 mm with different constructions and materials

finerope confection
Assembled ropes

Flexible solutions for mechanical applications.

bowden cable confection
Bowden cable

Individually assembled according to your requirements. Ready to install, precise fit.

cable holder confection
Rope suspensions

Variety of cable holders, suspension ropes and complete rope suspensions.

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