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Carl Stahl Technocables: wire rope manufacturer, rope production in Germany

In our rope factory at our company headquarters in Germany, we manufacture wire ropes in the diameter range from 0.09 to 8.0 mm. For decades we have been producing thin steel ropes and strands of the highest quality. As part of the Carl Stahl Group since 1880.

Our steel wire ropes are used in a wide variety of applications in countless industries around the world. The technical requirements that our ropes have to meet are just as individual as their areas of application. All Technocables are manufactured from wires of high tensile strength.

In the field of thin steel ropes, we are characterised by individual solutions. Our standard product portfolio also includes the e-rope product line with current-carrying ropes or wire ropes and strands made of tungsten wire for applications where special properties are required.

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Steel rope manufacturer in Süssen, Germany

More than 30 years of experience as a steel rope manufacturer speak for themselves. Through continuous investment in the latest manufacturing techniques, we combine forward-looking technology with the traditional knowledge of our long-standing employees. The machines of our rope factory are partly self-developed and self-built. Modern measuring and testing machines ensure the consistently high quality of rope production in our wire rope factory. The high degree of automation within the rope production promotes effectiveness and efficiency on a daily basis.

rope manufacturer Carl Stahl Technocables

Lay direction, rope construction, material, processing - options for rope manufacture

We develop and manufacture strands and wire ropes under 1mm diameter made of stainless steel, galvanised steel or tungsten up to 8mm diameter. Ropes with a diameter of 0.09 mm are the smallest ropes manufactured in our rope factory. We manufacture ropes for the most diverse technical requirements, with individual specifications. This results in different requirements for the material, the rope structure and the diameter range.
In our rope factory, ropes can be manufactured in different lay directions. Our standard material stainless steel 1.4401 is predominantly used for a wide variety of constructions. Depending on the requirements, we also supply ropes made of tungsten wires or special materials or process them by, for example, hammering, purifying or PU coating. We produce our ropes with fiber or steel core. We also offer conducting wire ropes of the e-rope brand with copper wires.
The thinnest wire processed in our rope factory for use in microtechnology has a diameter of 0.015 mm. This corresponds to 1/4 the diameter of a human hair. These wire ropes are used, for example, in medical devices. Our ropes are durable quality products and thus contribute to the sustainability of the products in which they are processed.

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Wire rope manufacturer with individualized rope production

Our steel ropes and strands have a wide variety of applications in countless industries worldwide. We work together with our customers to find out which rope is just right for them. The appropriate material, structure and lay direction are selected on the basis of the requirements placed on the rope by the area of application, among other things, and taking economic efficiency into account. On the basis of this configuration, our employees prepare the technical documentation and determine further work processes in order to be able to create the optimum rope and strand products.

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Our wire ropes are individually processed and assembled

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