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Medical technology, lighting industry, furniture industry, sun protection systems, gardening power tools, agricultural machines, automotive industry, ...

The areas of application for fine ropes and strands from Carl Stahl TECHNOCABLES are almost endless. Different possible materials, as well as different possibilities of rope construction, result in very different properties. Whatever the requirements of your application, whether corrosion protection or small dimensions, we will work with you to find the right wire rope or configured rope for your application.

Applications wire ropes and rope systems

We deliver tailor-made solutions for different areas of application. We configure your rope for mechanical control and control cables, safety ropes and suspension ropes, as well as tension ropes and ready-to-install Bowden cables with electrical components.


Medical technology - purified ropes, processing, special procedures

The special cleaning process from Carl Stahl TECHNOCABLES

Independent laboratory tests show: The result of the cleaning process from Carl Stahl TECHNOCABLES is a significantly higher deep cleaning effect compared to conventional processes. Depending on design and diameter of the cables the percentage of the remaining dirt is reduced even multiple (cf chart).

Purified wire ropes

Are you looking for an applicable partner in rope technology for medical applications?
We attend the medical challenges from our customers from the very first idea up to serial production according specification. Our specialists from the division research and development are always at your demand. Together with our customers we definie suitable materials, constructions, dimensions and minimum breaking load requirements. Clearly structured and safe processes have top priority.

In our product range you will find purified strands and steel ropes made of the materials 1.4401 (stainless steel) , 1.4310 (spring wire steel) and tungsten. We are happy to offer you other versions on request. Our ropes and strands are purified in a special deep cleaning program.

Product range purified ropes

You don't know which material is suitable for you?
Do you need biocompatible materials?

In our standard product programme, we offer strands with a 1 x 7 construction, compacted by hammering,
as well as swaged wire ropes in the constructions 6x7-WSC, 8x19+7x7 and 6x37-WSC.
These are made from stainless steel or tungsten wires.

Product range swaged strands and wire ropes

Further swaged srands / material and diamaeter are available on request.

Do you know the advantage of a smooth surface?
Do you need a high metallic cross section and higher breaking load in combination with small dimensions?
Contact us for further information.

Coated ropes are used in medical devices, among other things. Below you will find an extract from our current program. Please ask for further designs and dimensions.

Stainless steel AISI 316 | 6 x 7 - WSC, PA 12 coated

Stainless steel AISI 316 | 6 x 19 - WSC, PA 12 coated

Stainless steel AISI 304 | 6 x 7 - WSC, FEP coated

Stainless steel AISI 304 | 6 x 19 - WSC, FEP coated

Are you unsure in the chioce of the right coating material?


We offer special rope finishes.
This picture shows a hemisphere formed from the cladding material.

rope finishes wire rope medical

The pictures show a circumferential laser welded connection of a left and right hand flat wire spiral

We insert laserwelding technology as standard in our production.

Advantages of laser welding technology:

  • Pin-point precision
  • Small heat affected zone
  • Minimum thermal warping
  • Variable depth and width of the weld seams
  • Various joints due to alternative spot, seam or circumferential welding

Medical technology - products made from wire ropes and strands

Material: 1.4401/AISI 316, tensile strength 1.770N/mm²

ConstructionØ in mmMin. break. load in NWeightold Item Item No.
2x21,22852,5 kg / 1.000 mCG002120SE000338
2x20,22170,097 kg/1.000mCG002022on request

Further dimensions on request.

Other lengths of lay according agreement.
Various other materials on request – e.g. copper, gold, silver, monel®, inconel®, hastelloy®, titanium®, incoloy®

Gigli saw for bone cutting

We produce strands and wire ropes for baskets, snares and components for the flexible endoscopy.

baskets medical technologysnares endoscopy

Lighting industry - cable gripper, suspension kids, e-rope

Professional wire suspension elements from Carl Stahl Technocables. Take advantage of our many years of experience in the field of rope technology.

Wire ropes are used in the lighting industry for:

• Luminaire suspension wires
• wires for height adjustment suspension
• cable gripper
• Assemled suspension kids

Get an overview of our product range for the lighting industry:

Overview hanging wire systems

Cable holder / gripper

e-rope conducting wire ropes

Suspension wires

Wire suspension kits

We would be happy to develop individual products especially for your application.

Furniture industry - fine ropes with rope end connections, Bowden cables

Inspirational modern furniture requires sophisticated technology. With our Carl Stahl TECHNOCABLES, the invisible helpers for visible success, we want to convince you with efficient and high-quality rope systems. With passion, know-how and the spirit of development, our engineers and technicians are also looking for a suitable bowden cable solution for your application. A long working life of our gear ropes and safety ropes is a basic requirement.

Wire ropes are used in the furniture industry e.g. for:
Height adjustable furniture
Cable system for sliding doors
Suspension ropes and pull-out safety ropes
• Ropes for lock control
• Bracing
• Wire ropes for furniture fitting

Wire ropes

Assembled ropes


Sun protection - wire ropes, coated ropes, assembled steel ropes

Innovative sun protection is getting more and more important due to changing environmental influences and sophisticated architecture. With our own product development we support this change with high quality cable products. With high bending cycles and UV-stabilized coated cables we provide the basis for an ambitious and long-lasting use.

Our steel cables are used in the following products:

  • Awning ropes
  • Guide ropes for external blinds
  • Tension ropes for pleated blinds
  • Ropes and pulleys for conservatory shading
  • Awning tapes
  • Ropes for shading systems

Also in products like parasols and sun shades ropes and cables of Carl Stahl TECHNOCABLES are showing successfully their quality.

Wire ropes

Assembled ropes

Gardening power tools - wire ropes, bowden cables, rope systems

Carl Stahl TECHNOCABLES, the little helpers for relaxed and enjoyable gardening and landscape maintenance .

Our bowden cables and cable systems are used for example in:

• Positioning ropes
• Coupling ropes
• Bowden cable

Garden tools in which our products are used, for example:
chainsaws, brushcutters and lawn-mowers

Reliable, safe, innovative: this is how one describes the Carl Stahl TECHNOCABLES products. They are developed in our own R & D department. With our technical expertise, structured and safe processes as well as innovative engineering, we constantly complement our product range.

bowden cable gardeing power tools

Your application requires a bowden cable with electrical cables? Our own electric cable assembly manufactures according to your requirements appropriate bowden cable solutions.

The Carl Stahl TECHNO CABLES team is always at your disposal.

Assembled ropes

Bowden cable


Agricultural engineering - assembled ropes and bulk wire ropes

Assembled ropes, bowden cables and bulk wire ropes (plastic ropes can be made in different colors) are used in many areas of agricultural technology.

Examples of our ropes and cables in agricultural machines:

  • Safety ropes
  • Loss and fall protection cables
  • brake cables
  • Ropes for mechanical controls
  • Fibre ropes available in different colors
  • Expander ropes
  • Release cables
  • Various bowden cables

Application examples:
Tractors, mowers, forage & combine harvesters, balers, loading and discharge wagons, tillage equipment

Modern agricultural technique means technology combined with speed and efficiency. We develop together with you solutions for your special cable application.

Wire ropes and strands

Assembled ropes

Bowden cable


Automotive industry - assembled ropes and bowden cables

High-quality wire ropes from Carl Stahl Technocables offer many advantages when used in the automotive sector, these are:

High breaking load

Wire ropes are used in the automotive industry, for example, for:

• Safety belt adjustment
• Gear change rope
• Window lifting systems
• Car locks
• Mirror cables
• Bowden cables
• Engine restraint cables
• Winch cables

Get an overview of our products:

Assembled ropes

Bowden cable

Other industries and applications

There are numerous other industries in which our products are used.

The TECHNOCABLES team is always at your disposal.

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