FAQ - Bowden cables, push pull control cable

Conventional Bowden cables transmit tensile forces. Push-pull control cables also transmit pressure forces.

The advantage of Bowden cables or push-pull control cables:

  • High efficiency, reliable push / pull actuations can be triggered even in the smallest dimensions.
  • Due to the construction, a strong leverage effect is triggered by a low expenditure of force.
  • Bowden cables can be put together individually, for example, using different end pieces, countless types of attachment can be made possible. Ropes, wires or strands in different lay directions / structure / material can be used.
  • The materials of the Bowden cable can be optimally adapted to the conditions, and the outer shell protects the Bowden cable from environmental influences.
  • Bowden cables are delivered ready for installation and only require a small amount of time for installation.
  • Bowden cables are robust and require little or no maintenance.

You can put together your own Bowden cable. The large number of standard components gives you an overview of possible combination options. Our Carl Stahl Technocables experts would be happy to advise you on the feasibility and functionality. Production is possible from a certain number of pieces.

Contact us to let us know your selection / requirements.

Bowden cables consist of a pressure-resistant spiral sleeve / Bowden cable sleeve in which there is a ready-made wire rope / Bowden cable core. A flexible inner tube is installed around the rope as required. A Bowden cable end piece, such as a ball, eyelet, shank end stop, ... is attached to both ends of the rope for installation.

Further details about bowden cable

When creating a Bowden cable / pull-push control cable, there are extensive possibilities for variation. Your Bowden cable can be tailor-made for your application. Standard components or special components can be used for this. You can find out more about this on the page
bowden cable.

Bowden cables are used where power transmission is required. Examples of this are e.g. brakes, gearshifts, trigger mechanisms, unlocking mechanisms. Due to the possibility of using a wide variety of rope configurations, rope diameters, materials and components, Bowden cables are used in a wide variety of areas. More about possible areas of application

The Bowden cable is attached via the swaged or die-cast cable end connection selected by the customer. Various end pieces such as ball, eyelet, thread, nipple, ... are possible. These are hung or clamped on the machine part. Excessive bending and chafing of the rope should be avoided during installation. You can read about the respective advantages of the rope end connections here. Bowden cables are supplied by us ready for installation according to the requirements of our customers.

Push-Pull Bowden cable is a term used for a Bowden cable that can transmit both tensile forces and compressive forces. The name comes from the way the Bowden cable works.

Carl Stahl Technocables develops and manufactures customized Bowden cables for B2B customers. Bowden cables from Carl Stahl Technocables are used in a wide variety of applications and industries.

More information about our Bowden cables

The Bowden cables from Carl Stahl Technocables are manufactured in Germany, at our company headquarters in Süssen near Stuttgart.

In our electrical cable assembly we manufacture Bowden cables with electrical cables.
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