FAQ - Rope assembly

At Carl Stahl Technocables, you can select the following for your rope or rope assembly:

  • Rope material stainless steel or galvanized steel, tungsten, copper (e-rope).
  • Desired rope structure (6x7, 6x19, ... steel core or fiber core) and diameter of the rope.
  • Suitable terminal for your application such as wire rope with threaded terminal, shank end stop or crossbar stop sleeve, soft eye, ball, ...
  • Length of the configured rope, as well as the number.

You can find an overview of our standard components here.

We have some standard components in stock. Custom-made rope terminals are possible on request.
We differentiate between swaged end connections and die-cast rope end connections.
You can find an overview of our swaged rope end pieces here.
You can find an overview of our die-cast end pieces here.

Thanks to our wide range of rope end connections such as balls, stop sleeve, soft eye, threads, ... (we also manufacture special terminals on request), a tailor-made solution for your application can be implemented. Our fastening elements enable a ready-to-install fastening for your connection. We assemble wire rope solutions with proven wire rope terminals according to your specifications.

Find out more about the advantages and special features of the individual terminals here.

Carl Stahl Technocables specializes in the fine rope range from 0.09 to 8.0 mm. We can manufacture these rope strengths with end terminals. You can find an overview of our ropes and strands here.

We offer both stainless steel cables and galvanised steel cables with end connections. Our current-conducting e-rope ropes, which consist of steel or stainless steel and copper wires, and our tungsten wire ropes are also customised according to requirements.
For our assembled ropes, we use stainless steel ropes and galvanised steel ropes as well as coated ropes as standard.
Other rope materials are available on request.

Overview wire ropes

The example pictures show how assembled ropes and swaged terminals are correctly measured.

Combinations of different terminals are possible. When placing your order, please specify the pretension with which the rope should be measured as well as the length tolerance.

Swaged terminals:

Die-cast terminals:

Measurement examples:

The individual components of our assembled ropes are available from us fully assembled. A delivery of unpressed rope end connections is not possible.
Inquire about your configured rope.

Our cable assemblies are used, among other things, for mechanical control, for securing and suspension, as well as tension cables and ready-to-install Bowden cables / push-pull cables, also with electrical components. By using different rope materials and rope constructions, different properties can be used. Above all, due to the flexibility and diversity that are possible with die cast rope end connections, the possible applications are varied. Since the terminals work like a wire rope adapter, different fastening elements for wire ropes are offered.
More about areas of application / areas of application of our assembled ropes.

Carl Stahl Technocables produces small series using the hand pressing process and large quantities using the fully automated zinc die-casting process. These 2 different manufacturing processes come into play as follows:
Swaged rope end connections - for small and variable quantities with very individual concept solutions
Die-cast rope end connections - for high quantities in safe and automated manufacturing processes

We offer swaged rope end terminals for wire ropes in stainless steel, galvanized steel and brass.
Overview of pressed rope end connections

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