Tungsten wire ropes and strands

Tungsten wire ropes and strands from Carl Stahl Technocables.
In our rope factory we produce wire ropes and strands from tungsten wire. With our high-quality tungsten wire ropes and strands, you can count on particularly high load-bearing capacity and durability. They are ideal for use in demanding applications where absolute reliability is essential. As a renowned manufacturer of ropes and strands, we also offer you a high degree of flexibility in designing your individual solution.
Our tungsten ropes and strands are available in a variety of rope constructions and diameters to suit the particular requirements of your application. The material of tungsten ropes is exclusively pure tungsten wire. Unlike, for example, our e-rope brand current conducting ropes, which are made of steel or stainless steel and copper wires. In addition, they can be made up for installation like conventional steel or stainless steel wire ropes, e.g. with a pressed-on ball.

Tungsten wire ropes and strand constructions - Why strand or rope and not tungsten wire?

Tungsten wire is the right choice for many applications. However, a number of applications require additional properties. By stranding multiple tungsten wires into a tungsten strand or rope, greater flexibility and dimensional stability is achieved. Multiple thin wires result in higher flexural fatigue strength, which means that a tungsten cable will not break as quickly as a single wire of tungsten. Compaction or hammering of the tungsten cable ensures that it is cut resistant and can be cut like a tungsten wire, keeping the individual wires together at the interface. Our standard portfolio includes various constructions. If required, we also manufacture individual tungsten ropes and strands in our wire rope factory.

Tungsten wire
Tungsten wire

Tungsten wire is the starting material for our tungsten strands and ropes. We process thin steel wires made of tungsten with diameters from 0.025 mm to 0.08 mm.

tungsten strand
Tungsten strand

Strands consist of individual wires and form the basic building block for rope production. Tungsten strands at Carl Stahl Technocables consist of 7 or 19 tungsten wires (1x7, 1x19)

Tungsten cable
Tungsten wire ropes

Wire ropes consist of strands that are stranded together. These can also be hammered to make the surface smoother. Tungsten cables (nominal ø 0.2 to 0.5mm) at Carl Stahl Technocables consist of 42 or 201 tungsten wires (6x7, 8x19+7x7)

The selection of hammered / swaged tungsten strands and wire ropes can be found here:

Special ropes

Tungsten cable properties

Refractory metals such as tungsten have special properties compared to other metals. Tungsten offers high resistance to temperatures, chemicals and wear. It is ideal for use in high stress environments and offers a long service life under demanding conditions. Tungsten does not rust and is heavier than other metals due to its high density.
Tungsten wires, ropes and strands also have these properties.

Melting point tungsten

Tungsten melting point

With a melting point of over 3400 degrees Celsius, tungsten is one of the materials with the highest melting point. The high melting temperature is the reason for the high heat resistance of products made from tungsten. They are resistant and can withstand even extreme thermal conditions. No matter whether it is hot or cold, a rope or strand made of tungsten wire always retains its shape and function and is similarly resistant to corrosion as stainless steel.
Density Tungsten

Tungsten density

Tungsten is one of the densest elements with a density of 19.3g/cm3, comparable to gold. A wire rope or strand made of tungsten is 2.5 times heavier than a rope made of stainless steel.
tungsten breaking strength


Products made of tungsten as a material are extremely resistant to deformation and breakage, which makes tungsten wire ropes and strands durable and reliable products. The higher strength in tungsten ropes results in a higher breaking strength compared to ropes made of stainless steel. Despite the high strength, tungsten cables are more flexible than stainless steel ropes. When used with pulleys, for example, a tungsten rope or strand is easier to guide over pulleys and small bending changes because it does not return to its original shape.
tungsten properties


Tungsten is an excellent electrical conductor and its high conductivity makes it ideal for applications where efficient current transmission is required and there is a large amount of heat exposure. This makes tungsten wire an excellent choice for use in the electrical industry, e.g. in the manufacture of light bulbs or electrical heating elements.

Applications tungsten wire, rope, strand

Despite the higher material costs compared to wire ropes and strands made of steel or stainless steel, tungsten wires, strands and ropes are used in numerous applications due to their exceptional properties. E.g. aerospace, automotive, electrical engineering, manufacturing technology, fishing, musical instruments, laboratory equipment, microscopy, medical technology and also in robotics. A wide range of applications, where the versatile and reliable properties of tungsten provide optimal results.
If you have any questions about your application of tungsten strands or tungsten ropes, please contact us.

Tungsten wire rope

Application example tungsten wire ropes in medical technology / surgical robotics

Due to the outstanding properties of tungsten, tungsten strands and ropes are used in many areas of medical technology. From medical cable assemblies and minimally invasive surgical instruments to advanced surgical robots. Very fine strands and ropes are often required to perform high-precision functions. Here, the properties of tungsten are exploited. Thin tungsten wire ropes or strands can be used with the same breaking strength, e.g. compared to conventional stainless steel wire ropes. If there are surface requirements with regard to contamination, the surfaces can be cleaned by special cleaning processes. The high density allows the use in fluoroscopic applications, as tungsten does not transmit X-rays. In state-of-the-art surgical robots, tungsten is used in motion control systems or as a guide wire. Due to their smaller size, high tensile strength and pliability, tungsten strands and wires can be safely guided through the smallest spaces, tight curves, severe bends and the smallest pulleys. The service life is much longer than with other materials, and maintenance requirements are correspondingly lower.

Tungsten cable with pulleys - Smaller, more compact designs with a longer service life

Ropes and strands from Carl Stahl Technocables made of tungsten offer many advantages. One major advantage is the resistance to bending fatigue, which is significantly higher due to the enormous strength of the tungsten wires of 3600N/mm². This special property is required for applications with pulleys. Due to the high flexural fatigue strength of tungsten cables, the service life is up to 5 times longer compared to conventional stainless steel ropes made of 1.4401/AISI316 with the same rope construction. Smaller pulleys and miniature pulleys can be used with the same rope service life.
This rope property enables smaller, more compact constructions with a longer service life.

service life rope

Comparison of the service life of tungsten ropes and stainless steel ropes.
Same construction and dimensions.

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