e-rope assembled solutions

Tradition with electrical impulses: these are our assembled e-rope variations. As a development supplier with our own research and development department, we assemble your conducting wire ropes ready for installation according to your specifications. We use our standard components or, if desired and with the appropriate quantity, special terminals. If you choose our standard components, our conducting wire ropes are assembled with wire rope terminals such as cylindrical stop sleeve, shank end stop, ball, eyelet or thread.

Example of e-rope assembled solutions

End caps product table

Terminations  Dimensions [mm] Rope number Part number
  A B C D    
A-Type Terminal  
(cylindrical stop sleeve)
Ø3,5 5,0 - - SE000534 NI000004
Ø5,2 7,0 - - SE000525 NI000008
B-Type Terminal
(shank end stop)
Ø3,5 5,0 Ø6,0 6,5 SE000534 NI000029
Ø5,2 7,0 Ø8,0 8,5 SE000525 NI000031
C-Type Terminal
Ø3,2 - - - SE000534 KU000007
Ø4,0 - - - SE000534 KU000005
Ø4,8 - - - SE000534 KU000008
Ø4,8 - - - SE000525 KU000013
Ø6,0 - - - SE000525 KU000014
D-Type Terminal
Ø3,5 5,0 Ø6,0 6,5 SE000534/ SE000525 KA000013
E-Type Terminal
(thread terminal)
M5 30,0 45,0 SW3,2 SE000534 GE000008
M5 50,0 65,0 SW3,2  SE000534 GE000009
M5 30,0 45,0 SW5,0  SE000525 GE000012
M5 50,0 65,0 SW5,0  SE000525 GE000013
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