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Carl Stahl Technocables - development supplier for technical fine wire rope solutions

We develop reliable, high-quality rope solutions for a wide range of applications. From solutions that serve purely for mechanical power transmission or suspension to applications that transmit mechanical forces and electricity or even data. At our site in Süssen, the employees of the development department, the rope factory and the manufacturing department work hand in hand to develop customised rope solutions for our customers.

rope applications
Our Products

Wire ropes and strands, assembled ropes, bowden cable, conducting wire ropes of the e-rope brand, cable gripper and rope suspension, special solutions

fine wire rope factory
Wire rope factory

In our rope factory, we manufacture wire ropes and strands from various materials and constructions with a wide range of properties.

fine wire ropes assembled
Wire rope assembly

The rope assembly processes can be flexibly adapted. The necessary components are assembled ready for installation.

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