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We offer fine wire ropes in the diameter range of 0.09 mm - 8 mm. We produce these finest ropes in our rope factory in various constructions. The material used is stainless steel, galvanized steel or tungsten the core is a steel or fiber core. On request we also process special materials. Fine ropes can be coated, cleaned or greased. We also produce ropes with electrical conductors in the low-voltage range. Individual rope manufacture, according to customer requirements and use, ensures the reliable use of our thin wire ropes.

Material fine wire rope:
Stainless steel
Copper (conducting wire ropes)
Special materials
Feinseil Konstruktion
Construction fine rope:
6x7: ø 0,12 - 6,00 mm
6x19: ø 0,45 - 8,00 mm
8x19+7x7: ø 0,45 - 1,76 mm
8x7+1x19: ø 0,44 - 3,00 mm
6x37: ø 0,50 - 8,00 mm
Litze Konstruktion
Construction strand:
1x7: ø 0,075 - 0,75 mm
1x12: ø 0,20 - 0,80 mm
1x19: ø 0,125 - 5,00 mm
Feinseil Aufbau
Steel core, fiber core:
Steel core wire
Fiber core wire
dünnes Seil Verarbeitung
Processing fine rope:
assembled / ready to install
bowden cable
suspension sets

Thin steel wire ropes - individual, custom-fit, ready-to-install

For our customers we produce fine wire ropes and assembled fine wire rope systems individually according to application and requirement. Corrosion resistance, bending cycle, breaking strength, flexibility are important factors on the basis of which we select the most suitable fine wire rope or fine wire rope system together with our customers. The thin wire ropes, regardless of whether they are stainless steel ropes or steel ropes made of galvanized steel, are assembled with connecting elements and rope ends that are pressed on or die-casted, depending on the number of pieces. A thin steel rope requires less material, so only what is really needed of the starting material is used.

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Application fine ropes and fine rope systems - precise, high quality

We produce rope systems, bowden cables or suspension solutions for a wide range of industries. Fine cables are used wherever mechanical forces are transmitted or controlled in the smallest of spaces. They are space-saving and at the same time meet the individual requirements of the respective field of application due to the various configuration possibilities. Fine ropes are safe solutions for securing mechanical functions, e.g. in vehicles. Thinnest ropes with diameters from 0.015 mm are used for precise medical instruments. In precision mechanics, the finest ropes are used as securing and guiding elements. In visible applications, e.g. suspension systems, fine wire rope systems are discreet solutions.

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Ready-to-install fine cable assemblies, fine cable bowden cables, fine cable suspension systems

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