e-rope cable holder

Due to the individual possibilities of use of our e-rope and in combination with our cable holders / grippers, we are able to accomplish the most different requirements.

Would you like to order complete e-rope suspension sets?

We will be happy to advise you on your customer-specific solution.

Example e-rope with cable holder

cable holder e-rope
e-rope structuree-rope structure

*Installation materials individually according to application.

Example application with cable holder

Male thread with straight run outDimensions [mm]Part number
 ØLengthThread length 
Male thread M61028SL000161
Male thread M5 1028SL000162
Male thread M6
(with locknut)
Male thread M6
(with locknut)

Workload, cable type, cable diameter

Rope-Ø (mm)Ø1,00Ø1,80
galvanized steel, 6 x 7 - WSCSE000534SE000525
max. working load (kg)6 kg20 kg

The wire rope holders listed are only examples. All of our cable holders can be used for our conducting wire ropes.

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