e-rope - current-carrying rope suspension with cable gripper

When an e-rope brand conductive suspension rope is used to suspend elements such as a lamp, it replaces the electrical wire and creates an improved appearance due to its dual use. It is both a suspension and an electrical conductor. Due to the low electrical resistance of the ropes, lossless voltage transmission is possible. The ropes of the e-rope brand from Carl Stahl Technocables are well conductive due to the special material composition and enable an efficient power supply.

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Example e-rope with cable holder / cable gripper

cable gripper conductive wire
conductive wire structuree-rope structure

*Installation materials individually according to application.

Conducting rope suspension: mounting without tools, infinitely adjustable, time-saving

Our e-rope brand ropes can be used with all our cable grippers. According to customer requirements, we assemble complete rope system sets, e.g. as LED rope system, which can be mounted easily and time-saving. Rope systems for suspension of Carl Stahl Technocables can be mounted without tools, are infinitely adjustable and thus time-saving in installation. As a steel cable, the ropes have a higher load capacity than a conventional power cable.

current-carrying cable suspension

Conducting rope suspension of elements

As a rope manufacturer and development supplier for individual rope solutions, we have an extensive range of suspension systems for every application. The extensive range of cable grippers, fastening and extension components and assembled, current-conducting suspension ropes of the e-rope brand result in numerous suspension variants and thus many application possibilities.
The ropes of the e-rope brand are used, for example, as current-conducting rope suspension or low-voltage LED rope system for the suspension of lamps. The components are available individually or as complete sets as lamp LED rope systems. The e-rope rope functions simultaneously as a power supply and as a suspension rope. This also offers a visual advantage, as an additional power cable is no longer required. The current conducting rope e-rope takes over the function of the suspension and as an electrical conductor that of the power supply.
Further application examples are the suspension of elements such as signs, ceiling sails, drop guards, acoustic elements such as loudspeakers or drywall elements.

LED cable system complete set

Current carrying suspension with cable gripper

The product range of cable grippers includes various cable gripper such as thread gripper, hook, loop gripper, y-suspension gripper. Extension elements for multi-rope fastening enable single, duplex or multi-rope suspensions. Elements for ceiling attachment complete the range. The various wire rope holder series are suitable for different rope thicknesses from 1.00 - 3.00 mm.

Overview cable gripper

Example application with cable gripper

Male thread with straight run outDimensions [mm]Part number
 ØLengthThread length 
Male thread M61028SL000161
Male thread M5 1028SL000162

Workload, cable type, cable diameter

rope-Ø (mm)Ø1,80
Galvanized steel + copper, 6 x 7 - WSCSE000525
max. working load (kg)20 kg
rope-Ø (mm)Ø1,00
Copper nickel plated + stainless steel, 6 x 7 - WSCSE000608 
max. working load (kg)4 kg



Note: Working loads are specified with a safety factor of 5:1

The cable gripper listed are only examples. All of our cable gripper can be used for our conducting wire ropes.

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